Scottish Gran Wins £220K Bingo Jackpot

Scottish Gran Wins £220K Bingo Jackpot
Mecca Ayr Bingo Jackpot

A Scottish Bingo playing Grandmother has won a massive £220,000 Bingo Jackpot at the Mecca Bingo Club in Ayr.

Ayr Mecca Bingo Jackpot Win

The lucky Grandmother, now dubbed the Golden Granny, also managed to win £300 playing slot games at the club. However, Jean Murdoch is the lucky bingo player in question; she thought that she had only won £100 and was stunned when she got handed a cheque for £221,000.

Quite an increase on the £100 she thought she had initially won. Jean admitted that she had not been paying attention to her numbers but managed a full house bingo in 40 calls.

Linked Mecca Bingo Jackpot

It meant that the 73-year-old had won a linked Mecca National Bingo jackpot. It works the same way that online bingo linked jackpots work. Jean is a retired nurse and uses the cash windfall to splash out on a new car. She is a regular at her local bingo hall; she attends bingo games twice a week with friends. On this occasion, she went to the Bingo Hall by herself, and it certainly proved to be a lucky decision.

Full House Bingo

Getting a Full House Bingo in 40 calls is remarkable, and what better place to do it than at a local bingo hall that offers a massive linked bingo jackpot. This winner’s story is in stark contrast to the recent bombardment that media outlets have engaged in concerning the dangers of bingo. We are in particular referring to a report that highlighted the £45,000 loss a woman had built up playing online bingo games.

Playing any game of chance is risky and should be fun and not win money. Set a budget and stick to it when playing bingo games in an oft-repeated phrase. We hope that this lucky Scottish Grandmother enjoys the rest of her windfall. It is a prime example of a person who plays bingo regularly without going overboard.

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