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Slingo is a bingo & slot game. Invented in 1994 the popularity has led to new variations. We list online Slingo games below.

Slingo Games Online

StarburstRainbow RichesReel KingDeal or No DealFluffy Favourites
CenturionSlingo RacingSlingo ClassicExtremeFire & Ice
Slingo FortunesLucky Larry’s LobstermaniaLucky StreakMasked SingerReel Extreme
Reel RichesSlingo RevealSlingo LightningSlingo RichesCascade
Big WheelSlingone FishinBook of SlingoBritains Got TalentXXXtreme
X-ScreamCarnivalWild AdventureXing Yun Xian ( Lucky Lines)Super Spin
Red Hot SlingoSlingo AdvanceAnte UpSlingo BellsBeserk
Tetris SlingoSpace Invaders SlingoThe Price is RightMonopolySlingo Inca Trail

How Slingo Works – Learn To Play Here

The Slingo Slots & Bingo single-game combination gives you a chance for better game dynamics. Each Slingo game has a spinning reel with five digits per reel.

In addition, a 5×5 bingo table is positioned above a spinning reel & has 25 numbers.

Once you select a wager, you have up to 20 turns to spin the reels. Each time the reel stops spinning, it displays five new numbers.

If the number matches a number in a column, the number gets removed. This process gets repeated until all numbers are eliminated.

To achieve a Slingo, you must fill an entire 5-number row diagonally, vertically, or horizontally. The more rows you complete, the further up the bonus multiplier ladder you go.

Each time a game round completes, players can wager additional times to increase their chances of filling rows. It is where the elements of bingo, slots and luck come into play.

The game decides the value of extra wagering and might vary with each spin and new number you scratch off.

You’ll get a mixture of bonuses when you cross off enough rows, leading to more significant prizes.

Each of the games has a bonus system, symbols and characters. Slingo games all use the same logic. It means despite numerous versions, the game mechanics remain the same.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Play Slingo?

We answer that question right above this question. In short, you must spin the reels and fill numbers in a row diagonally, vertically or horizontally. There is, of course, an element of luck involved. You get extra chances to hit the numbers required by taking additional wagers. It’s very addictive.

What Site can I play Slingo Games on?

There are many different Bingo & Slot sites where you can find different Slingo versions. So some gaming sites will have more slingo games than others.

We list recommended licensed bingo & slot venues above where you are safe to play games responsibly.

Which is the Best Slingo game?

The best game, in our opinion, is a game that pays out. But of course, there is personal preference, and with such a vast choice in this genre, there is no best game.

We do have versions that we prefer; Rainbow Riches Slingo & Fluffy Favourites Slingo are our go-to games. We also like the other versions, and we always play the latest releases of the games as soon as they go live.

Can you win money on Slingo?

If you play for real money, you can undoubtedly win money on any of the versions of the games.

The critical aspect here is that winning cash is not guaranteed, as it is a game of chance. So always play with what you are comfortable with, and to ensure that you receive any winnings should you win, make sure you play at a licensed bingo or slot venue.

Can I Play the Games Offline?

Yes, you can, they will differ in variety look and feel, but you can find Slingo Games at land-based casinos in Las Vegas, Reno and Atlantic City. The assortment of games is larger online, and in all probability, the return to the player will be as well.

The game was invented in the 90s, well before online slots, predating online venues. Nevertheless, we still state that online is best to play these games.

How do I withdraw from Slingo?

Making a withdrawal depends on how the bingo or slot site handles the cash-in. If you want to withdraw your funds, close the game you are playing and navigate the Site’s Banking section.

Once there, you will see a Withdrawal tab. Click on that and withdraw for either the total amount of your balance or the desired amount.

As these games only get found on licensed bingo & slot sites, your funds will be returned generally in the manner you made a deposit or back to a debit card. However, if you withdraw a large amount, and it happens on these Slingo games, you might also need to supply bank details to enable a wire transfer.

Monopoly Slingo

Monopoly Slingo

Monopoly is one of the most widespread & popular board games in the UK. It now, too, gets a Slingo makeover! The Slingo Monopoly game combines the original’s traditional characteristics with the massively successful Slingo format. Roll dice to traverse about the board, collecting properties and complete Slingos for a chance at winning real money!

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