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Slingo Inca Trail

Go along the Slingo Inca trail game mythical paths via rain forests, mountain vistas, and the legendary ruins of Machu Pichu. Slingo Inca Trail features Free Spins, Super Wilds, and other Slingo delectability on the hybrid bingo slots game. 

Slingo Inca Trail - Bingo & Slot Game

The Trail Details + Bonuses – A Machu Pichu Delight

The Slingo Inca trail version follows the same base game format as all Slingo games. It’s a mix between Bingo & Slots, remember. Spin your reels by clicking on Start Game and waiting for the drops of the numbers. It gets exciting as you have to make judgement calls here based on what you see in terms of the numbers of Slingo symbols.

Your initial ten spins will ensue automatically, and numbers will appear. You need to strategically mark them off to get the maximum Slingos. Take advantage of the Wilds and Free Spins in the bottom row. Once your allocated spins are over, the game will total up the Slingos you have achieved and offer you the chance to cash out or play on with further wagering consideration. The amount to bet to continue spinning gets indicated on the game navigation’s right-hand side.

The reason for buying more spins is to get more Slingos. The more Slingos you have, the closer to the Full House you get. It has the potential to be a gratifying game. As usual, though, don’t get carried away with temptation. Continuously monitor your betting amount and potential reward.

The number of Slingos you have is indicated on the game’s left-hand side. It will be highlighted and flashing. It is what determines your game payout.

Slingo Inca Game Features – What to Look Out For

There will be Extra Spins, Wilds and Super Wilds during your Spins. The Wilds & SuperWilds allow you to select a specific number during the initial ten spins. During these spins, select numbers strategically to make up as many Slingos as possible before making extra bets. The Glowing Red numbers are the ones you can choose. As per all Slingo games, you can create a Slingo line Horizontally, Vertically or Diagonally. As you get closer to the Full House, the betting amount to respin will increase substantially. So keep an eye on this aspect to ensure it’s worth your while.

The Inca Trail Bonus Round

We could not hit a bonus round despite us spinning the reels a lot ( It was in demo mode). That means we cannot provide a full eyewitness report on that. We will play for real money in due course and report back on the Trail Bonus round. According to Gaming Realms, who build the games, if you land on an arrow between 1 and 5, you move that same number of steps. You get transported to the bonus game if you make it to an X symbol. There are artefacts to collect that can reward you up to 5000x your wager.

That’s Not All, Though – You Get Rewarded More

The Trail allows you to spin to Machu Pichu. The fabled ancient city of the Incas. Along the way, you collect additional monetary rewards. Once we get into this bonus round, we will report on specifics.

Gaming Realms have launched this Inca-themed game, and we think it will be a winner with players who enjoy this kind of theme. The base game does not differ from the classic Slingo game. The bonus rounds, though, are where it’s all at. Slingo Inca Trail is an entertaining game that will keep players entertained. The history of Slingo is in the making with these new online versions & the entertainment factor keeps going up.

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