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Super 3 WoW Scratchcard

The Super 3 WoW scratch card game is an innovative scratch game with a vast £1 Million Jackpot. This new scratch card game enhances the older 3 Wow Scratch card game.

Super 3 Wow Scratch Card Game - £1 Million Jackpot Prize

Super 3 WoW Scratch Card Features

Super 3 Wow Scratchcard has 3 Scratch cards in one game. In addition, scratch card players can now choose whether they want to play with one scratch card or multiple scratch cards. With a massive instant jackpot of up to £1 Million on offer, we know we are targeting and will be playing this new version of the scratch card game.

UK Scratch Card players will note a Million Pound Jackpot available on this particular scratch card. Please note that if you are lucky enough to Win a Million Pound Jackpot, payment of the win gets spread out over 15 years.

At the bottom of the Super 3 Wow scratch card, a multiplier field will multiply all winning amounts on the scratch card.

New Multi Scratch Card

This new multi-scratch card game will reward players with some great instant jackpots. Online Scratch Card games have proven very popular and rewarding for players who enjoy lottery-type games.

Payouts on these lottery-type and scratch games usually are speedy. Think of a bingo game and the fact that a cash prize gets won quickly. Online Scratch Card games like Super 3 WoW boast instant jackpot rewards. This is what makes scratch games very popular with online players. They like the ability to scratch and walk away with large prizes does happen.

You can try out this great new scratch card free at various Online Scratch Card venues, plus get free when registering. Select from a wide range of online scratch cards to stand a chance of winning an instant jackpot.

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