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Jackpot Joy Sold to Intertain

That truly unique British Games institution, Jackpot Joy, has gotten sold to a Canadian Games company. If it is good enough for the National Lottery, we suppose it should be good enough for Jackpot Joy.

Jackpot Joy Bingo

Jackpot Joy Bingo is one of the most exciting UK bingo & slot sites to play. It boasts lots of different games plus promotions to select from. Jackpot Joy, a UK games site, hosts the most and biggest bingo jackpot games. Slot Jackpots at the UK games site are also a treat.

Big Win at Jackpot Joy

At its site, Jackpot Joy reported a big win for one of its players on the Deal or No Deal Slot game. This super online slot jackpot win is just short of a million pounds in prize money and life-changing.

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