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The BBC Discovers Online Bingo

The BBC Discovers Online Bingo
The BBC Discovers Online Bingo

The BBC has recently discovered Online Bingo, it seems. Unfortunately, they have lived under a screen saver for the last few years, or their editorial policy has changed. In a BBC Online Bingo article, they speak to a bingo player who relates her online bingo experience with readers.

There are no significant surprises in the article. Online Bingo is massive in the United Kingdom for obvious reasons. Bingo players are entertained and chat for minimal amounts whilst taking advantage of fantastic bingo bonuses that land-based clubs do not offer.

Players do not have to travel to a venue and put up with any bans. We mean that they don’t have to worry about a smoking ban or be concerned if they have that extra glass of wine.

Online Bingo players are at home after all and can relax and play bingo games at their leisure. Moreover, as the article pointed out, online bingo provides a cheap form of entertainment that can get built around your schedule in these economic times.

The one interesting point that came up in the article was the makeup of players taking part in Online Bingo. No longer is bingo the sole preserve of the purple-tinted brigade.

Bingo Players as young as the legal age of 18 are taking part. That is also obvious to longtime followers of the online game. The prizes are enormous and can get won.

Seasonal promotions at Online Bingo rooms include rooms giving away cars, holidays, and cash prizes. The list is endless, and the competition in the bingo arena is fierce.

So we gather from the BBC Bingo article that Online Bingo is here to stay and is a growing force. Well, that is what we have pointed out to all and sundry for the last few years.

Having an article such as this on the BBC site can only be a good thing. However, we wish they had done this earlier and perhaps used a few more examples apart from Foxy Bingo and Mecca.

Although these are decent bingo rooms, there are a lot of rooms that we think offer better value to online bingo players.

Perhaps all of this is dictated by marketing budgets, so Foxy Bingo and Mecca will have the muscle to get ahead and be put into main bingo articles like this.

We though believe in value for money and entertainment. Therefore several online bingo venues are suitable for loyal bingo players. To look at the best of these bingo sites, visit our Best Bingo Sites.

We list various best UK Bingo sites that offer lots of value, and all are licensed to work in the United Kingdom.

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