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Tombola Bingo Lite

After diet cola and decaf coffee, the bingo ‘lite’ craze has made its way to online bingo. You can now play Bingo Lite games at Tombola Bingo. It’s the perfect kind of bingo. Plus, as the name suggests, it is light on your wallet.

Tombola Bingo Lite Games Review at Eyesdown Bingo

Bingo Lite Games

90 Ball Lite Bingo Game

Play 90 ball lite games at Tombola, all the fun at a fraction of the cost. Tombola Bingo Lite games are as fun as any online bingo games available at Tombola. As mentioned above, Bingo Light games are also super light as far as bingo ticket prices are concerned.

Lite Bingo games cost just 2 pence a bingo ticket. So splurge on bingo tickets here because the most you can spend on a ticket in the Lite games area is 10 pence per ticket. With rock-bottom bingo ticket prices like this, you can buy more than the bare minimum. 

Playing online bingo games with more bingo tickets increases your chances of hitting that bingo jackpot. That’s another great feature of the Lite Bingo games. Bingo Jackpots are not shared. If you win a Lite Jackpot, you get paid the full amount.

What are Lite Game Features?

Bingo Lite features three chat rooms where you can interact and hang out with other online bingo players. There’s also a £100 prize up for grabs in Lite games at this popular UK Bingo site. Line win prizes can be shared, unlike the jackpot prize. That’s okay, though, given the cost of bingo tickets.

Share in the laughter and the banter in these energetic chat rooms, and share the fun of winning with your fellow bingo mates. It’s as good as actually being together. Bingo Lite also features a link game every half hour all night. In addition, the three chat rooms link from noon right through to 9:00 am. 

Play linked-in bingo games in the evenings and win even bigger cash prizes on first-line and full-house wins.

The 90-ball bingo games are great fun in these linked games, and if it’s Bingo Lite at Tombola Bingo, what more do you need? So check out the Bingo Lite games at Tombola today.

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