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UK Lottery Winners Just in Time

UK Lottery Winners Just in Time
UK Lottery Winners Just in Time

The UK Lotto often does not make the headlines because of the popular EuroMillion Lottery game and its massive jackpots.

Fortunate UK Lottery Win Saves Family

There is, however, a heartwarming story in the National Press today. A couple who had been financially struggling managed to put their financial woes behind them with a £5.8 Million Lottery win.

Adam Tyler and Tracy Young are an Essex couple with a young son who was weeks away from asking family and friends for financial assistance after Adam lost his job recently. The couple won the big jackpot after picking up a Lucky Dip ticket for the draw on Saturday.

They now have plans to do all the things a lottery millionaire does including changing houses and cars and going travelling. Lottery players in the United Kingdom get spoilt for choice with both the UK Lotto and EuroMillions having decent jackpots this week.

Upcoming Lottery Draws

EuroMillions are hosting a Millionaire Raffle draw this Friday with one hundred new UK Millionaires created in this single draw of the lottery game. Millionaire Raffle is specific to the United Kingdom, and the organisers are hoping to break a world record by creating one hundred instant millionaires in a single night.

This event has been held previously on the eve of the London Olympics. Only ninety-seven of the 100 winning Millionaire Raffle winning tickets got claimed for that particular draw. It is one of the reasons why we always advise lottery players to purchase lottery tickets online.

Players are notified via email of a win when playing lottery games online.

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