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UK’s Luckiest Bingo Town

A survey by Gala Bingo has thrown up exciting bingo luck results. The luckiest bingo town in the UK for players is Harrogate in North Yorkshire. This Yorkshire town has the highest average win per player in the entire country.

UK’s Luckiest Bingo Town

Luckiest Bingo Towns In The UK

Harrogate, as we know, came in first, but who are the other lucky towns and regions? Exeter came in second as the most fortunate place to play bingo. The top 5 cities in the UK for winning at bingo, according to this survey conducted by Gala Bingo, are:

  1. Harrogate
  2. Exeter
  3. Dudley
  4. Cleveland
  5. Norwich

The average wins per bingo player get calculated to decide the ‘luckiest’ town. Lesley Hall, who manages PR for Gala Bingo, had the following to say about the Luckiest Bingo Town Survey:

“It was really interesting to discover Harrogate is the UK’s luckiest town. Who knows what makes the town so lucky, but perhaps it is the magical properties in the water?”

Lesley Hall – Gala Bingo PR Manager

Luckiest UK Bingo Regions

Looking at the UK bingo scenario, the North East region showed the best figures for bingo wins and is the luckiest region in the UK. Wales came in second, and Northern Ireland came in third place. 

Despite its population, London Bingo players do not feature in either the luckiest town or region makeup. We think it is down to the number of players that play in the capital city. Unfortunately, many more players dilute that winning formula down a bit.

Gala Bingo has many bingo clubs all over the UK and has done all it can to boost the land-based bingo business, which has not been doing very well recently. Burdened with a steep bingo tax and reduced member attendance due to the smoking ban, the global financial recession has severely affected business. As a result, many bingo clubs across the UK shut down last year.

Bingo operators are trying to rejuvenate this numbers game enjoyed by the British public across the nation. This Bingo survey gives players one more reason to go out and play their favourite bingo game, especially if you happen to live in Harrogate.

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