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UK Online Bingo Age Verification Changes

As of 7th May 2019, you will notice some changes at your favourite UK Online Bingo site or casino because that’s when age verification rules for online gambling & online bingo change.

UK Age Verification Rule Changes for Online Bingo

Bingo Age Verification – Up To Now

It used to be that any site offering online gambling had 72 hours to verify the age and ID of players, but as of 7th May 2019, operators have to do this BEFORE they can play. The 72-hour verification period has been around for over 12 years and got introduced in 2007.

For you, this will mean changes when you register with any new bingo site launched in May, but it should not affect any of the places you have already registered & deposited with to date. However, if you have registered at a site but have yet to deposit, you may find that you cannot until you have provided the required information.

Verification Details Moving Forward

All operators will have a new licence condition requiring them to verify your identity before you gamble at their site. At the bare minimum, this will be your name, address and date of birth.

Documents Needed for Verification

To verify this, the site in question will require either a driving licence or passport (or other photographic ID) and may also ask for proof of address through a utility bill.

Usually required to withdraw, these documents will now be required upfront. With the new licence conditions, operators will no longer prevent customers from withdrawing funds while requesting additional information.

All required details must be listed on the bingo site you choose to register to play.

For example, the operator must inform you of the type of document or information needed, in what form it should be supplied, and in what situation.

Some bingo rooms already do this, but as of 7th May 2019, ALL sites will be required for their licence. So get ready for a whole new UK Bingo World.

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