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UniBet Buys Bingo.com

The convoluted journey of Bingo.com continues with the purchase of the bingo domain and the business by Unibet. It must be a relief for the investors of Bingo.com to put this saga behind them finally.

The Sale of an Iconic Domain – Bingo.com

There are many reasons for the sale, most notably the continued poor performance of Bingo.com compared to other Online Bingo products.

Bingo.com rarely made a quarterly profit, which must be the reason for the sale of the premier domain name in the world of online bingo.

It does go to show that despite having a perfect domain name, the rest of the package needs to be in a place surrounded by a talented team of bingo lovers to make a success of an online bingo site.

We are, of course, talking about having great bingo promotions and bingo bonuses in place for players. It seemed that Bingo.com was scared to approach this aspect of things generously or aggressively. This is what has led to their undoing, in our opinion.

Multiple Bingo Software Changes

Bingo.com, during its tenure under the previous owners, had changed software multiple times, revamped its bingo site and launched a social bingo app called Trophy Bingo. Bingo.com finally entered into an agreement with Unibet as a technology partner.

That meant that it used the Virtue Fusion Bingo platform and the back-office systems that Unibet have in place. It did not seem to make much of a difference to the bottom line, though. Perhaps that was part of a plan.

The Trophy Bingo Social Bingo app has not been included in the sale. According to reports, the idea is to now focus on developing the Social Bingo app utilising funds from the sale of Bingo.com.

Unibet has reportedly acquired the company and domain name for $8,000,000 after the previous owners made no headway in growing the online bingo room.

It will be interesting to see what plans UniBet now have for Bingo.com. The Swedish Gambling company is not known for its Bingo Affiliate-friendly approach, and we do not expect to see a shift in this policy.

We predict that Bingo.com will continue to plod along as merely a part of a more significant operation. It is an unfortunate situation for what is the top bingo domain in the world.

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