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William Hill Bingo Jackpots

William Hill Bingo Jackpots

William Hill Bingo doesn’t make noise with its promotions, prizes and bingo jackpot games. But, tucked away under the Jackpots tab, there are more bingo jackpot games than you could imagine. They all boast big cash prizes. Play various online bingo jackpot games in the 90 Ball, 80 Ball, and 75 Ball bingo rooms.

William Hill 90 Ball Bingo Jackpot Games

90 Ball bingo jackpot games maintain three progressive jackpot games. First, Money Mountain starts with £10,000 in the pot. Then, call Full House in 33 balls or less, and the prize is yours.

This bingo jackpot plays in the Community and Main Bingo rooms. The pot increases daily at midnight till won. Then, it resets to start again at £10,000. The more bingo tickets sold for this jackpot, the bigger the prize pot grows.

The TurboCharger also starts at £10,000, and a Full House in 33 balls or less is what you need to scoop this one up. Play this progressive jackpot in the Speed Bingo Room.

The Cash Rocket progressive jackpot begins with £2,500 in the pot. Grab this with a Full House in 38 balls or less in the Community, Speed or Main Bingo Room at William Hill Bingo.

80 Ball Bingo Jackpot Game

Play the 80 Ball Cash Cake in the Party Room. Call FullHousee in 36 Balls or less and take home the fixed £250 jackpot. Simple.

75 Ball Bingo Jackpot Games

There are four 75-ball bingo jackpot games.

  • The High Roller has a £5,000 prize. Win it by calling Full House in 42 balls or less. Play this progressive bingo jackpot in the Stars and Stripes Room.
  • The Jewel Jackpot begins at £2,500 in the Diamond Room. Hit the Full House in 42 balls or less, and this cash prize is yours.
  • The Crazy Jackpot has a £500 fixed prize. Play this in the Stars and Stripes room. You need a full house in 47 balls or less to score this one.
  • The Little Gem is another fixed jackpot with £250 in prize money. Find this one in the Diamond Room. Bingo in 46 balls or less, and the prize is in your bag.

Many bingo jackpot games are offered at William Hill Bingo with fantastic prizes. Make sure you take advantage of them here.

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