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Win a Million Playing Bingo

Million Pound Bingo Game Here
Play Million Pound Bingo Game Here

Are you in the mood to win a pile of cash playing bingo? Well, you have a chance if you play the Millionaire bingo game.

Millionaire Bingo Game

There’s a cash prize worth £1 Million on offer, and this bingo game also offers a minimum guaranteed prize worth £1,000. So hit a full house as fast as you can and win a million playing this coverall jackpot game.

When Does Million Pound Bingo Game Take Place

This Win a Million Pounds Bingo jackpot game will play on Thursday at 10:00 pm. You can log in a few minutes before the game and get your tickets, or you can pre-buy your tickets now.

As long as you have bingo tickets, you are in the running for a  shot at cash this week. Bingo tickets get priced at 25 pence each. However, bingo players can stock up because every player gets permitted 96 tickets for this game.

A million pounds is waiting to get won, so don’t waste any time. Get your tickets today. The Millionaire Bingo jackpot game plays just once a month. Don’t miss the game, or you will be waiting a whole month for your chance to win a hefty pile of cash.

CoverAll Bingo Game Jackpot

It is a Coverall bingo jackpot game which means that you have to daub all the numbers on your bingo card to win. Of course, you have to be the first player to do it. The quicker you cover your card, the more prominent will be the amount of prize money you win.

Minimum Guaranteed Prize

There is a minimum guaranteed £1,000 in prize money anyway, but you can win much more depending on how fast you hit that coverall bingo. In addition, bingo players can win plenty of cash playing other online bingo games at Moon Bingo all through the week.

There’s something special every day. Win money and a lot of other prizes too. Get bingo tickets in advance and have a great time playing bingo games every day.

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