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Wink Bingo Progressive Jackpots

Wink Bingo has a lot of progressive bingo jackpot games on offer. 75 balls, 90 balls & 5-line progressive bingo jackpot games are available at the UK Bingo site.

Due to the popularity of the Wink bingo room, bingo jackpots are attractive, and there is a lot to choose from. Find the latest list of bingo progressive games and where to find them at Wink bin

75 Ball Progressive Bingo Jackpot Games

Fab 5 & Tutti Frutti are the bingo rooms to play in if you love the thrill of 75 Ball bingo and want to win big bingo jackpot prizes. These are regular games and take place as follows:

  • Fab 5 plays: 4 pm-12 am (every 6 mins) and 12 am-1 am (every 8 mins)
  • Tutti Frutti plays: 24/7
  • Game pattern: Moneyball

How to Win a 75 Ball Bingo Progressive jackpot

Wink Bingo players can win the progressive jackpot by filling the pattern in 33 calls or less. Players can also win a specific game jackpot for that game by filling the pattern in 35 calls or more.

90 Ball Progressive Bingo Games

The Strip, High 5, Funny Bunny & The Ball Pool are all daily 90-ball progressive bingo jackpot games at Wink Bingo. These 90-ball progressives play at regular times throughout the day. There are lots of opportunities to take part.

  • The Strip plays: 8 am-12 am (shared game)
  • High 5 plays: 24/7
  • Funny Bunny plays: 7 pm-11 pm (shared game)
  • The Ball Pool plays: 24/7

Wink Bingo Progressive Bingo players can claim a jackpot or the specific game jackpot by filling out a bingo card in 37 calls or less. Win the specific jackpot for the bingo game by filling a bingo card in 38 calls or more.

5 Line Progressive Bingo

5 Line Progressive Bingo Jackpots are Swedish Bingo or Speed Bingo. This type of bingo game is unique to Dragonfish Bingo which Wink Bingo uses. There are several opportunities to play 5-line progressive bingo games. We list them below.

Spare Pennies & Open All Hours are 3 daily 5 Line progressive bingo jackpot games. As well as the progressive jackpot, Spare Pennies also features four fixed £69 jackpot games, which play daily at 9 am, 12 pm, 4 pm & 9 pm. Spare Pennies plays Daily from 7 pm-11 pm.

Bingo players can win a 5-line progressive jackpot by completing a bingo card in 48 calls or less. As is usual with Wink Bingo jackpots, players can win the specific jackpot for that game by filling the pattern in 49 calls or more.

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