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Wizard of Bingo

Wizard of Bingo was a bingo variant game released at Cozy Bingo sites. This particular bingo variant has since been discontinued since the takeover of Cozy Bingo by Entain. We have left the description of the old Wizard Bingo game below. There are still apps named the same available for Free Bingo play online. Do a Google search on this link.

How to Play Wizard Bingo

The new bingo game will see lots of bingo player action because of the game features it boasts. Wizard Bingo is a 75-ball bingo game with a twist. The bingo game regularly plays until the Magician features kick in. Features are, of course, the Wizard himself, who applies a curse spell. It can result in losing some or all lifelines when he curses a particular bingo number. Beware the Wizard. He might be friendly. He might be a foe!

Elimination Bingo

The ruby shoe symbol can rescue lifelines on cursed numbers to counter the Wizard and his magic. Think Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz here, with a twist. Wizard of Bingo is elimination bingo at its best. Add a magical-themed game and features to stay in the game. It sounds like a winning formula to us.

Multiple Winners – Spreading the Magic

There can be multiple winners of a Wizard Bingo game. The bingo player with the highest remaining tickets wins a significant prize. The rest of the prize pool gets distributed on this basis. But, if you thought that was all to it, you would be wrong. There is one last devious little Wizard feature to watch out for.

Wizard Bingo Devious Features

The Stealing Monkey is what you need to look out for. If you get a Full House on your Bingo Card, watch out for this little critter, he is bound to come along and make a grab for one of your tickets. Players need not use the Daub or Auto Daub feature in this bingo game. Instead, select your numbers and then watch out for the components.

This variation bingo game is available to play at all Cozy Bingo Sites. These include our current Cozy Bingo pick, Lucky Ladies Bingo, which offers an attractive 3-part deposit bonus.

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